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I had the good fortune of purchasing a wonderful 1991 Honda Accord from my friend David and his mother. The car has low mileage and runs well. Unfortunately, it has required some repairs under difficult circumstances, but all is well.

Recently, as I was heading home on NJ-21 from my job at IDT Energy in Newark and engrossed in a conversation with a good friend speaking on my car's Bluetooth speaker, my front left tire suddenly blew out. I quickly pulled to the side of the road, put on my flashers, and opened my trunk. Before long, a very kind couple from nearby Passaic, NJ stopped, and the gentleman helped me put on the spare doughnut in a jiffy. The story, however, doesn't end here.

As I continued up Route 21, my spare also blew out. Now, still more than 15 miles away from home, I was totally stuck and just about ready to have my car towed. Fortunately, I had the wherewithal to ask the Geico representative if there was a tire place near Exit 11-A, which was only a couple of hundred feet away. Believe it or not, as Divine Providence would have it, there was a Honda dealer right off the exit ramp! There is still more to the story, however.

Loaner Car from Garden State HondaIzzy Hosein of Garden State HondaThe Honda dealer, Garden State Honda, didn't have in stock tires to replace either the full-size wheel or the smaller doughnut, but realizing the seriousness of my situation, Garden State Honda Service Adviser Izzy Hosein permitted me to leave my broken down car and drive home in a loaner vehicle, a beautiful new white Honda Civic.

Words cannot convey how relieved that made me feel and how great was my appreciation for his kindness and the generosity of Garden State Honda. When I returned a couple of days later to pick up my automobile, I snapped a picture of Mr. Hosein with my cell phone and promised I'd write an article about the kindness and service I had received at his shop.

To the caring couple and others who stopped along the way to offer help, to the Geico rep who stuck with me on the phone, to the attentive and patient Mr. Izzy Hosein of Garden State Honda, and to my concerned friend on whom I suddenly hung up the phone, I thank you all once again for your kindness, assistance and understanding.


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Guided to safety by the universe and thanking HaShem. Do we need two spare tires?

Do we even need one?

For ordinary people like me, some level of preparedness is required.

We obviously do need one spare tire. 

Love this group and the post! Its good to know that some people are still committed to going above and beyond for the customer, and we can gain insight on our own customer service practices by noting what is remarkable about the service of others.




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