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Findability is the cornerstone of every web presence. Findability is people's ability to locate and engage with a company's or brand's web content through a combination of search, social media and many other channels that include advertising, email marketing and direct mail campaigns.

Essentially, findability is people’s ability to find and connect with content on websites. To find content, people must be drawn to the websites that contain that content, and once on those websites, they require guidance to find the desired content.

Promotional initiatives bring people to websites, and good web design helps guide them to the appropriate content. Web promotion and website design or usability are the principal elements of findability. Posting high-quality and relevant content is crucial, but without findability, that content has no value.

Organizations can maximize their web content's findability by fine tuning their web promotion and optimizing their website's usability. Both are important functions of a web marketing team or a digital marketing agency.

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I'm always working on this Larry. The frustrating part of this and SEO in general it Google's regular changes to their algorithms so it's a never ending challenge to keep up with them.

Ever since I started looking at Google as a partner, Stephen, rather than as an adversary, I've been very happy with the results. I no longer focus on search engine optimization. Instead, I focus on posting superlative content using verbiage that comes naturally with plenty of outbound links. Then, I tag content as accurately as I reasonably can.

Following this strategy and using multiple marketing  channels as suggested in this post, my Gevril Group website received 150K pageviews its first year and 450K its second. On the other hand, my Online Social Networking website which had been over-optimized took a major hit from one of Google's updates.


This is so true, using every possible thought to connect to the right person or persons or companies and Incorporation's.  May take some time to find what is on your mind, and after you find this there is more steps for more progress and success.  

There is no set avenue that we can take with every thought or creation, they are different in every case.  Lots of time is spent in Findability, and sometimes you have to go outside the box.  You have to close one door to open the next door.  

A team is nice but a entrepreneur usually does most of this on his or her own with help from others, like a stepping stone.  It is nice to have a team, but is hard to start this way with little knowledge of what others can do.  The old saying goes if you cannot do, you should teach what others have already done!  Inventors have to wait a long time for others just to see, this can create a problem to get there at a rapid pace.  You will search to the end of time, for something that may be on your mind, the long hall is memories, once you get there.  At least this is my thoughts about this discussion, in my opinion.  Mainly Larry stated this really well actually.  




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