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The Key Stages When Hiring a Contract Cleaning Services Company For A Medical Practice

Appropriate professional cleaning is necessary for maintaining the high standards of a health practice; ensuring the exact requirements of hygiene are preserved for patients and staff members. This article will guide you through some key stages when working with a Contract Cleaning Services company.

Policy Identification – Initial Audit

Firstly, during the initial audit stage of a contract, the commercial cleaning manager and your representative will need to develop a cleaning policy and plan for the practice; this will guide the function of the commercial cleansers as well as inform practice staff of their duties and responsibilities. In addition to this, it is important for cleaning to incorporate a routine agenda for planned and unscheduled cleaning operations, like a spill occurring when the experts aren’t around. The consistency of a cleaning schedule in a medical practice is essential. The policy should contain a time frame for the industrial cleaning service to follow, when and how to ensure nothing gets missed.

Detailed Plan and Instructions

Secondly, create a floor plan to identify high use and critical areas; such as floors/carpeting, toilets, consultation equipment and rooms that need to be cleaned daily. Spaces with less contact with windows, walls, window sills, and general furniture may be positioned on an alternative timeframe, like every second day. Daily observation and reporting of the results are important to test that the cleaning standards are being satisfied; this can be an effective way to make certain that nothing on the schedule has been overlooked, as well as to keep on course with the demands of your practice. If something has not been cleaned correctly, it will be identified rapidly to ensure the ongoing safety and well-being of staff and patients.

Know Your Products

It is important to be aware of suitable products for cleaning in a medical practice environment, the kinds of products and their use are crucial. During initial briefings, you should be able to check to see that the cleaning company you are planning to hire is using suitable products for medical centres.

Contract Cleaning Services – Purgo Supply Services

Purgo Supply Services are an expert commercial cleaning service. Rigorous training procedures and a dedicated support network ensure that your premise’s hygienic and cleaning standards are met to the highest standards on a daily basis. Your contract cleaning manager will make certain a clear policy and cleaning schedule is in place so that you may rest assured that the cleansers are following the exact protocol you have identified.