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10 Ways offline marketing is still effective.

We all want to market ourselves as efficiently and the best as possible. Offline marketing is still effective and a great way to connect with your existing and potential customers.

Here are 10 ways offline marketing is still effective.

1. Leaflet distribution is such a great way to market yourself offline. Leaflet distribution means you can access all customers no matter what their age in the areas that you choose. Some older people do not have a computer or the internet so this is a perfect opportunity to reach these people along with others. It is also a great physical way to interact with your customers existing and potential. According to Alan from Compass Distribution “You can also offer discounts this way and monitor how your campaigns work and how you can continually improve them.”

2. Word of mouth is a great way to reach new customers. Recommendation from existing customers is one of the strongest ways a company can grow. If you are recommending a company from first hand personal experience the new customer will tend to trust the company more and want to work with you.

3. Business cards should also be on hand at every opportunity. Whether you are giving them out at networking meetings or to customers. These can then be kept and your details will be on hand for the person wanting to use your company.

4. Branded items are a great incentive to give to existing customers as thanks for their continued support. You could also leave them in coffee shops and even ask your library if you could leave some branded bookmarks there.

5. Magazine articles are great for exposure. Make sure you research who your ‘ideal’ customer is and advertise in the magazine or ask the editor if you could feature as an article. Lots of people love a physical magazine they can read.

6. Radio adverts are also great for exposure for your company. They are a tried and tested way to reach a local audience. Radio adverts have been around for over 100 years. You can reach your key target audience and associate a voice with your business.

7. Sponsor an event. If there are any charity events or local events in your area contact them about sponsoring the event. This is a great way for local people to connect with you and see that you are passionate about the local area and helping charity too.

8. Trade shows are the perfect place to connect with other businesses and potential customers. Use your business cards, branded items here too to promote you and your business. You can build brand awareness here, generate leads and enhance relationships with existing customers too.

9. Cold calls fill some people with dread. But if they are done correctly they are a great way to connect with people. As an outbound marketing strategy, cold calling can be very effective. Get your name out there and promote yourself.

10. If you can create a workshop for people to attend, then do it! It is an excellent way to connect with people and make people aware of the product or service that you sell. You can advertise locally and people that you might not have reached before with your current marketing.

Questions to ask a man and van moving service

If you’re moving home, you might not want to hire a full removal service for a number of reasons. Perhaps you’re downsizing or only moving the contents of an apartment or flat? A huge removal lorry might seem a bit overkill for your requirements. Perhaps you’re considering hiring a man with a van service? Here are some key questions to make sure you’re getting the right man and the right van:

  • Find out from the start whether there is a fixed fee, or the amount is subject to change. Could there be additional costs added on for fuel or waiting around for example? Nobody likes surprises when it comes to making payment. Will the job be charged by the hour, day or for the job as a whole? Delays are quite common when moving home, so be sure you understand how this will be calculated.

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  • Will the items being moved need to be viewed beforehand? In order to be confident that the right number of people and the correct vehicle are used on the day, a pre-move survey is a good idea. This also provides the perfect opportunity to discuss your requirements.
  • What sort of vehicle will be used on the day of the move? Road regulations dictate that vans cannot be overloaded, or they can be impounded. You’ll want to feel confident that the van fits the requirements of the move and is in fairly good condition. For a professional Slough Man and Van, visit
  • The size of the vehicle will also dictate how many trips the house will take. Multiple journeys might not be an issue if the move is local, but long distances might prove awkward or logistically impossible and add additional costs to your final bill.

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  • How many people will be working on your house move? These are the people who will be in charge of your personal belongings and be inside your home, so you’ll want to feel comfortable with everyone you deal with. Will they be in a uniform or easily identifiable?
  • If you’re only dealing with one man, will you be expected to help with the lifting and carrying? To keep things running on schedule, you might be expected to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. Ask in advance, then you have time to ask family and friends to help too.
  • Will any protective equipment be used such as covers to protect our furniture? Ask what he has available and can it be used for your move. Also find out if you need to supply your own packing boxes.
  • Ask to see appropriate documentation like insurance, to see how much removals cover there is for accidental damage.
  • Lastly, ask if there are any customer reviews online so you can see how other movers felt about their experience with this man and van service. This can really help you to decide which is the best choice for you to have a positive moving experience.

The Added Value of Product Packaging: Is it Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is very extensive and is not limited to an advertising campaign or the viralisation of a video. A good marketing strategy is constant, passionate and is found even in the small things. This is the case of packaging design.

Packaging is an element that we should never leave aside. Great importance should be given to the look of the packaging in which we will enclose our product. That’s why packaging design companies pay such painstaking attention to even the smallest details of packaging design.

But what is packaging?

The container that contains the product we want to consume, and if we do not have any brand in mind and take anything that captures our attention, we must bear in mind that this packaging is the first thing we see of a product. Therefore, we should not underestimate its importance, because in this competitive world any opportunity to capture the attention of a potential consumer has to be taken advantage of.

It has all happened to all of us, at one time or another; we bought something just because of the packaging. It is also common that a well-designed container fascinates us. For example, who is not familiar with the mythical bottle of Coca-Cola. This bottle is a perfect example of good packaging design. This is how it has become an icon of the brand.

Is packaging important in online marketing?

Of course. The fact that when making an online purchase what interests us most is the product does not mean that we have to dispense with a powerful container. More consumers than we think give importance to packaging in their online purchases. Especially those consumers who spend a lot of money on the product, because for that price they also expect an elaborate and even personalised packaging. If the container meets their expectations, it is most likely that they will show it to their friends and share it on their social networks, and they may (hopefully) repeat the purchase.

Keep in mind that the packaging will be the first real contact that the consumer will have with your brand if you run an online business. Therefore, the impression made by the container is crucial, so that it is a happy one, and the consumer is one hundred percent satisfied with their purchase. In fact, many users find their experience with the product not very satisfactory because of a poorly designed or implemented packaging; difficult to open, or too much packaging. Instead, when respondents consider that a package is adapted to them, and not to the product, in particular, it helps them perceive it as more valuable than it might actually be in reality.

The importance of unboxing

The idea of ​​striving to create a good packaging design is reinforced by the trend of unboxing. This practice is increasingly common in social networks, especially on YouTube. It consists of taking the product still inside its container and removing it from it to show it little by little. While it is shown, it is narrated if it is easy to unpack, how it is distributed, etc. And if the packaging is also attractive, it is possible the video focuses a few minutes on talking about it and assessing its qualities. Taking into account that it will be something that the followers of the person who is doing the unboxing will see, you will already have an added value to the final product.

How to improve your search engine ranking

You have done your homework and created a wonderful new website that lists your company’s products and services to great effect. The fonts are stylish, your images are sparkling, and your content is spot on; however, your wonderful new website is failing to deliver high volumes of visitors, keen to spend their money on your goods. What could be going wrong?

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If you have experienced this scenario, you need some excellent SEO, or search engine optimisation to give it its full title. In its most basic form, this simply means tweaking your site so that the search engines can find it and promote it. According to Forbes, search engines are looking for websites that offer visitors an excellent experience. If your website hits the top spot, you can be sure that it is working to your advantage.

There are three main areas of search: paid search, which is sometimes called pay per click (PPC); organic search; and location-based search.


Usually the preserve of the big internet players thanks to its pricing structure, PPC enables you to bid for keywords and search terms that put your company at the top of search engine results if your campaign is successful. Most smaller companies won’t be concerned with this aspect of search due to the costs involved.

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Organic search

A good SEO campaign should see your website rise to the top of search engine results, but this is not usually an overnight process. It is possible to do it yourself if you are prepared to put some time and effort into keyword research and SEO techniques.

Most companies find it easier to call in expert help, using SEO practitioners with years of experience in the field. It does not have to cost a fortune to see significant results; in addition, some companies that specialise in London SEO services, such as, offer a site audit that is completely free for anyone with a website attracting fewer than 10,000 monthly visitors. This enables you to see for yourself the results that are possible with a good campaign.

Location-based search

Local businesses should claim their business listing with Google, which enables them to locate themselves on a search map based on local queries for the particular service or product. This is a free service that gives your business greater prominence to local visitors.

5 Things To Look For When Hiring Writers Online

One of the most vital factors when it comes to developing an online presence is written content. Generating such content requires a certain level of skill, commitment and above all, quality for it to be effective. Unfortunately, due to reasons such as limited time and lack of adequate skill, most businesses find that themselves in need of a freelance writer. Freelance writing resulted from such need and has grown into a vast industry in its own right. Even so, for quality content, one still has to choose a writer who meets certain criteria and unfortunately, there are those who are unaware of what to look for when hiring a writer. This article addresses some of the key factors of consideration in this respect.

Expertise and experience

Most people tend to look at one and overlook the other but these two skills should be concurrent. When hiring a writer online, one of the first considerations should be the writer’s expertise. Expertise determines a writer’s understanding of a particular niche, the quality of content, grasp of language, effective SEO strategies, etc. Equally necessary, is the writer’s experience in the field. The mistake most people make when considering experience is looking at the duration that the freelancer has been active. Instead, one should look at how much content the freelancer has generated in a given amount of time, and the success drawn from such content. A writer with over 1000 published articles in a year is more experienced than one with the same number of articles in two years.

Understanding of cybersecurity

Poor cybersecurity exposes you as the client, the writer and the content itself to people with malicious intent online. Factors such as identity theft, fraud, and plagiarism are key concerns that you should have. Taking adequate measures to protect yourself and your business against such cybersecurity threats involves a guarantee that the freelancer will do the same. A writer who is tech-savvy such as in the use of VPN software to protect his/her network fosters trust and confidence.

Proper client relations

A freelance online writer should make an effort to understand you and your needs as the client. This should help the writer tailor the content to meet your specific needs. Aside from that, it is proof of professionalism, competence and an understanding of the market and its needs. Polite, open and honest communication is the best way to gauge this quality in your writer. Keep in mind that your input is as important as the output you get from the writer. With this respect, you should endeavor to be courteous and professional, just as you’d expect from the freelancer.


The content writing industry is always evolving. That evolution stems from changes that affect how the content should be developed. Your ideal writer should be well-informed on the trends, strategies, tools, etc., that affect the success of the content. For instance, SEO requirements are always shifting in ways that affect content directly. Therefore, you stand to lose a lot if the writer you hire is uninformed of such serious content changes that could influence your search rankings and affect your success online.


Freelance writers should always be flexible and ready to meet your content needs. There are various places to meet such writers, including content mills. Even though such sites have their specific mode of operation, the writer should always be open to accommodating your needs outside such sites. For instance, if you are not content with messaging and need a Skype call, the writer should be ready to meet this requirement.


The value of the content is directly proportional to the quality of the writer. Finding the ideal writer is dependent on the methodology you use. Looking for such things as the writer’s expertise, experience and client relations should be an effective strategy in finding the perfect writer for your content needs.