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Gift with Purchase Program Agency: Turn Shop Goers into Big Spenders

Now that you have cashed in on Cyber Monday or Black Friday, it is time to look forward to the next big sale season. One strategy a lot of store owners use to attract customers to spend more money is offering free gifts with every purchase promotion. Customers buy items or pay a certain amount, and they will get complimentary items.

It is that simple. But what makes an excellent gift? There are a lot of factors people need to consider when choosing a great gifts that will motivate consumers to spend their hard-earned money. Let us take a closer look at products like bags or purses as an example.

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They are inexpensive and small to produce, and it makes a very attractive accessory. Holiday shop goers will gravitate towards this type of offer, as they give them something to include in the gift that they are planning to purchase, or if people are buying things for themselves, customers can enjoy the, alongside the things they buy.

A lot of eCommerce shops are starting to run these types of promotions. Nowadays, purchasing on the Internet is as normal as shopping at a famous shop or strolling to the mall. Customers trust the experience they get from online shopping, and when sellers tell them they can get a free gift, there is a big chance that they will believe it.

Not only that, the online shopping experience, like adding items to your cart or seeing your total balance, shoots up, is the perfect format for running giveaways with every purchase promotion. Instead of making consumers in a store do all the mental math, the website can show them progress bars or pop-ups, reminding them how much money they have to spend to get the offer.

The promo can say things like: “You are almost there – spend another $4 to get a free scented candle!” Holiday shopping rush is considered as the best months of the year, and whether you have plans or not, free rewards with every purchase is the right last-minute promotions sellers and shop owners can quickly add to their stores. Planning gifts with purchase promotions are pretty simple, but here are some items you can consider before launching one.

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Offer things that the consumers actually want

Items offered should add additional value that consumers are inspired to spend their money more. If a company offer is a free chocolate bar with every $100 purchase, sellers may have a hard time getting more customers to hit their spend threshold. Ideally, the gifts should be a good fit for the brand that the sellers are offering and something that customers will want or be interested in. Listed below are some excellent ideas:

Free socks for every shoe purchase

Spend a specific amount on shaving goods and get a complimentary shaving blade or compact mirror

Free a small bag of roasted coffee beans with every purchase of a French press

You can do much better, just think of something that customers will use and want to attract large purchases.

Make sure that the store has enough stock

Free rewards with every purchase promotion can actually work, just ask a Gift with Purchase program agency if you have doubts. That is why you need to make sure that you are fully prepared if there is a spike in orders. There is nothing worse than having to tell shop customers who spend their whole day driving to the store and hit the spending threshold and find out that the promotion is over because your store ran out of free giveaways.

That is like having Santa Clause come down to the chimney and telling the kids that he ran out of gifts. You need to make sure that the shop has enough stocks of free bonuses to handle the increasing order of the holidays.

Make sure that the item will not affect the shipping rate

If it is a small item, there is a big chance that it will not dramatically increase the weight of the order, but large items might require a large box if you want to ship it with the order.

Taking that into consideration when setting the spending threshold, free items with every purchase promos will be quite different, but lighter and smaller things work better every time. This way, business owners will not get stuck eating the budget because they decided free Nike shoes for every purchased cargo pant. Start small and make sure you know your spending limits.