Decide How-to And Who-to Hire An Employee For Your Hong Kong Startup

Expatriates living in Hong Kong are eligible to register companies for their newly set up business. The company can be a one-man band, or may hire employees/staffs, depending the nature and the scope of the business and its client base. For the expat person, it is always wise to start making use of one of the Hong Kong incorporation services who are professional and experienced in the formation of local Hong Kong companies and non-Hong Kong based companies. But why do you need to hire employees? The reason is not to simply rack up people or workforce, but you will need people to take care of the right things on behalf of you. You as the owner/founder needs to be focusing on other things that matter much more for the survival of your new business. You won’t have to be very formal when hiring (considering you are a new HK startup), but you may follow the below formal process.

  • Set aside a budget to pay for this new hire.
  • Decide whether this new hire has to work from a local office you are going to rent in HK, or elsewhere (i.e. from home working remotely).
  • Identify the requirements for the position. In a startup, hiring a very specialized person may not be suitable. You may want to start with a more generalist person who possesses multiple skills.
  • Plan your recruitment for the vacant job.
  • Publish on the available/open job on the internet.
  • Review the applications.
  • Schedule the actual interviews for applicants who may seem qualified and are interested, and meet with the candidates.
  • For the person you think you need to hire, check references of the candidate.
  • Contact the candidate to see if he is still interested to join. Negotiate salary details and start data. Prepare to send him the job offer.
  • Finally when everything goes well, it will come down to the first working day of the new hire.

You probably may want your new hire person to possess most of the potentials mentioned below.

  • The ability to work well with other people – Not limited to you, or anyone else working in your startup company, but also people who you have business partnerships with or people who are your prospected leads or customers.
  • The long term potential – Again, the new hire should not be limited to have only a single professional skill. It is always better to have a few skills. This will allow him to adapt better in a startup environment where things may keep changing quickly for the next two years.
  • The capability to solve problems in a creative way – When you open and follow a textbook, the solutions you get is often not enough to tackle most challenges your startup are facing on a daily basis. Hong Kong is a place where things change quickly. Having the ability to come up with solutions and actually execute the solutions is much more important.
  • Passion – Obviously, you need your employee to have the passion going forward.


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