Industrial lubrication systems that will protect your chains for long

If you have been working with machines, especially those with chains then you already know that there are a lot of factors that can make them break down or wear, right? These usually includes poor selection, environmental factors and bad installation among others.

However, the most common cause of machines or chains being worn out is inadequate lubrication. With that being said, let us look at a few industrial lubrication systems that you can use to keep your chains going.

  • Manual lubrication

One of the main advantages of using this method is the fact that you also get a chance to inspect the chains. However, the process might need you to use a lot of time thus making it a bit difficult to maintain a production schedule.

There is also some safety concern when using this method if you are lubricating with the chain in motion. Of course, lubricating your chain will have a positive impact on the machine’s performance hence improving the production process too.

Well, by having a good lubrication system in place, you will be saving on the repair costs and also there will be an improve worker safety. Click here to see more on automated lubrication.

  • Oil-mist or spray system

This is also another good lubrication system that you can use especially if you are targeting the pin areas.

It is also possible to automate this method however, you will be required to do a proper maintenance of the system if you want to have an efficient oil application system.

Otherwise you will have to deal with things like oil wastage and even contaminating your area of work which might also have its own environmental effects.

1. Squirt system

If you are looking for a lubrication system that doesn’t need too much resources and is also easy to install, then try the squirt systems.

The method is commonly used when it comes to low chain speed applications mainly because of its great operational mechanism compared to the automated systems. Well, just like the above method, you need to make sure that it is properly installed.

Setting it up wrongly might lead to some inconsistency when it comes to lubricant application. That might also cause lubricant wastage and also contamination of your area of work.

2. Automated metering valves and pump systems

Though it is automated, this is another method that doesn’t take much from you but gives you more in terms of lubricating your machine. It uses some metering valves and pumps to help supply oil to a felt pad or a brush.

With this system in place, you won’t have to worry about waiting for a specific timing to apply the lubricant. The applicator should however be placed with a lot of care and watch out for any dirt or dust as this might damage your equipment when they accumulate on the applicator.

Well, if you’ve used either the squirt or spray system you will realize that it mainly targets the wear areas while this particular method targets the chain’s exteriors. It is another method that can greatly reward you if you know how to go about it.

  • Drip feed, oil cup or the sight feed lubricators

Among those methods with very low costs, these are of them and can both be automated or mounted remotely. When using any of the methods mentioned above, you must be extra keen when choosing the location to place the units as sometimes it usually gets difficult to control the dispense rate.

Another thing that you will need to look out for includes the temperature and the viscosity of the oil. For a person that have used or seen different types of oilers, then you might have noticed that some are often quite simple in design and this is why it becomes a bit difficult to regulate the dispense rate.

Well, the only shortcoming here is the fact that this can lead to lube wastage as you might be forced to use more oil. The spillage can also lead to some negative environmental effects and also might cause some safety issues in the work place.


If you want to have your machine working efficiently at all times then you also need to take care of it by making sure you follow all the machine maintenance practices, one of them being proper lubrication . You can learn more about it here:

Well, if you are looking for some good methods to take care of your chains then the ones mentioned above can be of help.