How to Stay on Top of Group Orders

Entertaining a large group of people in your restaurant can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. It is a blessing because it means more business and repeat customers. However, it can be a curse because if you do not meet their orders at a reasonable time, it can work against you. Their lousy experience can prevent them from coming back and could influence the people around them to do the same. Here are three tips to stay on top of group orders.

Have a well-stocked kitchen, from raw ingredients to condiments and spices

Make sure there are no last-minute runs to the kitchen to fulfil a group order or to re-stock because you cannot complete orders for the rest of the day. Work with suppliers that specialise in bulk orders like to accommodate the volume of large groups. Try to anticipate what you need the best you can by keeping track of the sales in the previous months and by checking your inventory for things you need. Pay attention to surrounding events like parents visiting the school nearby, celebrations, and holidays. Also, take note of how your restaurant fares during peak business hours. Your rough estimates can help you make an educated guess about how many extra ingredients you should have on hand.

Prep your ingredients according to the group portions

To minimise the work you have to do in the kitchen during business hours, prep your ingredients accordingly. You should clean and cut the components that are most frequently used, and whose flavour is not affected by the prep. It should be done regardless of who the meal is for, the extra prep you can do for group meals is having the ingredients pre-measured and set aside. Adjusting your mind to the number for one serving to four or six can get confusing when the orders pile on top of each other. When your seasoning and ingredients are pre-measured, all you have to do is cook and plate the dish. You do not have to worry about under-seasoning or serving raw food. Besides the ease, it also helps with the consistency.

Clear communication between the customers and the kitchen

When dealing with the order, you could be pressured to work faster, but working faster only creates more mistakes. The key is operating efficiently and having clear communication lines. When they order their meals give an accurate estimate of when their food will arrive. Arbitrarily saying five minutes when in reality it will take fifteen to twenty will only make your customers angrier. Do not compromise their dining experience for the sake of getting their business. People are willing to wait when they can. If they cannot, they have reasons why and do not hold them back from eating somewhere else.

Following these three tips along with serving their drinks and appetizers promptly should keep you on top of your group orders. When their experience is good, they are more likely to come back with a similar group.