I Bring Ho-ho-ho-rrible News This Holiday Season

You may think that it’s too late to bring this up now. Like, what’s this human thinking bringing up something about the holidays after it has long past gone? Well, you’re right. I shouldn’t really be too hung up on Christmas especially since we’re nearing the end of January. Then again, what I’m about to say may create impact now more than ever:

Christmas destroys.

Every time your kid opens up a brand new present, every time you cook a grand feast for the guests, and all the time you spent decorating the house – all of these things eventually destroy something else. And while we’re meritoriously celebrating this “happy” occasion, something else gets sacrificed.

Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the most horrible one.

In the UK alone, according to Serenata, an estimated THREE MILLION TONS of general waste gets thrown out by the time the holiday season ends. That’s ten – no, maybe even a hundred times more than the usual wastage we produce off-season. Can you imagine that in a span of 1 month or mere 31 days we are accumulating waste enough to fill a small land fill?

If this fact doesn’t hit you hard, then you probably don’t care about your environment enough. It’s high time you do, though! As we enjoy our yuletide traditions, as we overindulge ourselves with feasts and gifts that we can totally make do without, Mother Nature suffers. Wild and marine lives suffer. Our forests cut down to make room for more landfills. Bodies of water polluted with non-biodegradable plastics that were once used to carry all the items from your Christmas shopping list. Garbage disposals overloaded with miles and miles of wrapping paper made from precious trees. We don’t even need wrappers; we just “feel” the season better when we’re ripping them apart to reveal yet another wall clock or flower vase, or whatever else is a staple when it comes to Christmas presents.

And, let’s not even talk about how much food gets thrown in the trash because of festive dinners.

I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask this again: What’s wrong with sitting down with the family and having a normal yet intimate dinner together on Christmas Eve? There’s really no need to roast a whole turkey (we do that for Thanksgiving already, my goodness!). There’s no need to prepare several hundred pounds of ham or three boxes of cake. No one is going to eat that, all of that – even if they wanted to. What happens is that the food will eventually spoil and get dumped. Just think about all the rumbling stomachs aching for a decent meal the next time you throw a whole table of excess food away.

What’s the whole point of all of this? Am I trying to convince you not to celebrate Christmas?

Of course not; why would I even dare? I am telling you to share the responsibility though. Spend Christmas wiser. Spend it with as much enthusiasm and positivity as you have now but with lesser waste. The world needs a present too, you know.

Help make Christmas become a holiday that we can all be proud of – a holiday that we can all happily smile about.