Types of Marketing Agencies

One of the most essential things a business or a company needs is hiring a marketing agency. A marketing agency is a firm that specializes in helping a business create a brand name and help reach out to its target market. It employs skilled and trained people who use techniques to help the company to its success. There are many different types of marketing agencies which have different offerings.

Types of marketing firms and their services

A marketing agency serves an important purpose to a business. They help solving the main problem any business faces: how to get more customers?

  • Advertising agency

This is the most common type of marketing agency. They are also known as the creative bunch as they create ideas and develop it into a campaign that will attract a business’s target audience. They promote this by using platforms such as tv commercials, radio, magazine, newspaper, etc.

  • Digital marketing

This agency concentrates on using the web or the internet to attract customers and clients. They are the ones that will strategize on building the company’s official website and making it stand out to the audience. They also use emails and social media sites to help the company.

  • Brand agency

The brand agency is often the one that helps a firm in its initial stage. They research the market to know its demand. With this information, they then plan and scheme its logo, company name, and visual identity.

  • Market research

This agency as the name implies performs market research to examine and analyze the demand and market. They do this by creating online polls or street survey or forms to its target audience.

  • Graphic and design

They are the ones that convert the content or ideas into visualize image. They also make designs that are needed in advertising such as a products packaging material.

  • Print agency

They are the people who search for the best accessories and material to use in printing to promote the company. It organizes three important aspects such as the budget, deadlines and print quality. Promotional T-shirts, mugs, keychains are some examples of their work.

  • Public Relations

They are the ones that help the audience or customers understand the service or product of the firm. They are responsible for keeping a good and strong image for them. They often strategize tactics such as creating events, press releases, and talk shows.

  • Social Media

This is a subset of the digital marketing agency. Their main job is to focus on communicating with customers or clients by using on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many more. They monitor it regularly and establish a good online relationship with its potential customers.

  • Shopper Marketing

They are the ones helps engage retail shoppers by offering promotions, services, and other marketing strategies. They also create a program to entice the customers to try and eventually purchase the product or service of the company.