Tech Businesses and Their Surprising Revenues

In the modern era, technology has advanced to the point where many people cannot even cope with it anymore. Just imagine, almost two decades ago the internet was only available for affluent people and companies. Cellular phones were not even sold to the public until the turn of this century. Computers went from big, hulking machines to compact gadgets that you can even fit in your hands. Even connectivity has been advancing rapidly from simple text messages to social media sites and video calling. In just fifteen years, we have witnessed the growth of these inventions and the way ir impacted our lives. People almost cannot live without these technological advancements; it has seamlessly become a part of our daily lives.

It must be a wonder to know how much do these companies get as revenue. There are alot of us who might think that their daily net income reaches thousands, maybe even millions. However, it is surprising that some of these companies and sites hardly even reach the hundreds in a day. Some cannot even reach their targets for the week or month. There are websites which track this information for easy access like Loanable. They provide infographics which is an interactive medium for people to learn these ideas.