Boost Your Business with 247 Answering Service


Good communication is a foundation for business success. Every business entity needs the most effective and most reliable business communication solution within its internal organization and with the outside parties such as business partners and customers. In this era of digital technology and with advanced communication options available from emails, live chat, to social media, having a good phone support is still important. 247 Answering Service can provide phone support for business.

It is surprising with the fact there are alternatives of communication tools, phone communication is still the most commonly used in business. Yes, a front desk type of support where call operator receives incoming calls is still widely practiced in business world. A good phone answering service has crucial role to give good first impression to customers, business partners, or anyone contacting your business entity. While there’s already automated call answering software, most people, especially customers, would much prefer to talk to a real human.

Small and medium scale business entities would be difficult to have its own phone support department. They have limited resources and mostly would deal with the core business. Phone support department requires big cost and resources. The hardware from phone lines, call management server, and cloud server to the software and security protocol will need huge investment and operation cost. Outsourcing phone support will be the right answer to give small and medium scaled business entities a reliable phone answering service to support their business operation. 247 Answering Service is the right choice for phone support outsourcing.

The 247 Answering Service is an outsourcing phone support service provided by Digital Outsourcing Solutions, a leading outsourcing service provider. It is designed for business entities with limited resource to have a fully functioning phone answering and phone support service dedicated to its business operation. It guarantees that it’s service can provide 24/7 coverage ensuring not a single call left unanswered.

This outsourcing service can offer all types of call answering services. The most basic is receptionist phone support to answer incoming calls, answering basic questions, taking messages, and directing calls or messages. Customer service phone support will receive calls from customers, providing answers, or directing calls to more competent personnel. Other types of phone support are scheduling assistance calls, follow up calls, pre sales support, order processing, and more. However, it is important to notice that this phone support doesn’t include telemarketing service.

With 247 Answering Service, it is guaranteed that the phone support is handled and managed by competent and experienced professionals. All calls will be answered by trained staffs not by bot software or answering machine. This service is also PCI and HIPAA compliant and meets all required regulations. This means you will be supported with phone answering service in compliance with industry procedures and standards. Digital Outsourcing Solutions offers very flexible arrangement for this outsource phone answering service and with very competitive price suitable for small and medium scale business entities. So, there’s no more reason to hesitate. It is the time to boost your business with the most reliable phone answering service.