6 Essential Desks for Office Workplaces

An office desk is a crucial piece of furniture for any workplace. With the notion of a desk fast changing due to modernised office spaces, desks are now available in all different kinds of shapes and sizes, allowing productivity to be increased for any space. If you’re looking to fitout your workplace, here are six essential types of office desk you’ll need.

Reception Desk

A reception office desk is the focal point when you first enter an office. It’s the face of the business and represents the link between you and the customer. A reception desk is usually made from wood, glass or steel and is available in a range of shapes, including rectangular, square and semi circle. When deciding on which reception desk you should purchase for your business, consider the amount of space available in your reception area. The look and feel of your reception office desk is also important. Potential clients should be able to walk in, look around and instantly understand what your company does.

Computer Desks

Computer office desks are, as the name suggests, designed for computing purposes. Providing a space for your screen, keyboard and mouse, computer desks need to be high-quality, functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. They should also be situated in a space that isn’t overly cramped. A space that’s cramped can cause distraction and lead to employees feeling claustrophobic and irritated.

In terms of comfort, a computer office desk needs to be high enough that your back doesn’t need to slouch to reach the keyboard. Your legs should also fit comfortably underneath it without hitting parts of the desk.

Standing Desks

The average full-time worker spends more than nine hours a day sitting down. Studies have proven that sitting down for long periods of time can have significant effects on a person’s health, which is why more and more managers are fitting their offices with sit-stand desks. These innovative office desks can improve posture, productivity, engagement and overall health. As they’re adjustable, an individual can choose to either sit or stand while working. Some sit-stand desks are built to a specific employee’s height, while others have a function that allows the height to be easily adjusted.

Shaped Desks

Office desks can come in a variety of shapes, but two of the most popular ones are U and L shaped desks. A U-shaped office desk takes up a lot of space, however it can hold a lot of storage and is useful for managers or senior employees who have a lot of work and need to multi-task. L-shaped desks are similar, with plenty of storage to hold files and folders as well as a lot of desk area.

Open Space Desk

Open space desks allow many people to work together on the same office desk. They’re usually rectangular in shape and are commonly found in larger businesses. An open space office desk encourages a collaborative working environment where employees can constantly interact and share their expertise with less experienced colleagues. Open space office desks also eliminate a hierarchical culture, as employees at all levels work in the same office space.

Moveable Desks

Moveable office desks are ideal for fast-paced working environments. These office desks are usually lightweight and designed with easily movable configurations. They can cater for both solo and collaborative work and can be easily set up to suit an ever-changing workplace.