Get Instagram Followers Using Instagram Insights

If you want to get real Instagram followers, it’s all about the details when it comes to understanding your audience. The “insights” you gather will tell you who your target audience is, what they prefer and how they spend their time. Instagram Insights can also help you measure the influence your marketing efforts are having across varied channels. For instance, they can help you determine if you should be doing anything differently, like posting at a specific time of day, experimenting with varying content, or targeting a different audience. The following information will help you understand how to use insights to get Instagram followers.

To start, go to your profile and click the icon of a bar chart located at the top of the page which will take you to your insights. From here you’ll find basic information about users that are engaging with your profile, including followers you lost or gained during the previous week. Here are a few profile insights you should explore.

  • Profile Visits – displays how many times that your profile has been viewed.
  • Impressions – shows the number of times your ads have appeared on members’ screens.
  • Reach – shows the amount of unique visitors have seen your posts.
  • Website Clicks – reflects the number of times the links you’ve included on your business profile have been clicked on.
  • Followers – shows the number of followers you’ve lost or gained over the past week, along with the times of day your followers commonly use Instagram.


You can also get Instagram followers by using the insights for Stories if you have a business profile. That said, Instagram doesn’t provide insights for live videos. Once on your profile page, you’ll find your Story insights, using the bar cart icon.

Instagram Post Insights

To find your post insights, go to your profile, tap on the post you want insights on and click “View Insights”, located under the image. To find specific insights, explore the following.

  • Likes – displays the number of people who “liked” your post.
  • Comments – similar to likes, this insight show the number of comments that were made on your post.
  • Saves – the number of unique accounts and/or users saved your post, as well as clicked the bookmark-like symbol that showed up beneath it in their feeds.
  • Actions – shows the number of actions users took on your profile after seeing your post, including visiting your profile, clicking on a link, or following you.
  • Discovery – these important insights will help you grow Instagram followers because they show where your post was discovered or seen the most. This also will let you know how many of the accounts were actually following you already when they first viewed the post. In addition, you’ll find analytics on impressions, reflecting the number of times the post was found within a specific place on Instagram, including a hashtag, location tag, a search carried out on your profile, or the user’s home feed. Also, Discovery insights include data regarding a post’s reach, reflecting the number of unique accounts saw the post.

2017 saw Instagram become one of the most dynamic and engaging social platforms available, offering a wealth creative marketing tools that help users get Instagram followers and boost their business success – Instagram Insights is one of them.