How to Drive Social Media Success Globally

Businesses from all over the world are now acknowledging the power of social media when it comes to marketing their products and services. In fact, from small startups to huge corporations, social media has become such a powerful tool that helps drive sales and revenue to a company. Time and again, we’ve seen companies grow to greater heights even without the help of traditional marketing and media. And so entrepreneurs and marketers keep on looking for ways on how to drive social media success globally.

Social media allows users or subscribers to create and share their own content. With the power of social networking, people can interact with each other through these websites and applications. Because social media networks are highly popular, easy to use and access, and more often than not free for all users, advertisers are taking advantage of the opportunity to get in touch with their target market.

Compared to the massive price tags usually attached to traditional marketing methods, especially those that can help make a brand known internationally, social media marketing requires very little budget without sacrificing results.

If you’re aiming for global attention for your product or service, there are various ways to do so through social media. Success in social media may be measured through the number of your followers or likes per post, as well as how you can get your audience to engage with your content. Based on the experience of experts, here are some recommendations you can start with.

1. Stay organized by using a planning tool for your social media accounts.

In the beginning, posting content and engaging with your audience on social media could be fun and stress-free. As the number of your followers grows, maintaining a social media account slowly becomes an overwhelming task that requires a whole lot of work and attention. However, you could get most of this weight off your shoulders by using social media planning tools.

Resources such as the Planable Social Media Tool are used by social media marketers and experts worldwide. This will help you keep the process organized so you can focus on your goal. It would help you manage not only one but several different platforms on social media at the same time.

When managing a social media account, you can’t just throw a ton of content into it and expect your audience to engage with each one. You must give importance to scheduling and analytics. Find out what your audience likes and dislikes. Know what kinds of posts get most attention.

If you want to be more productive on your social media page and to make most out of the benefits of marketing on social media, effective planning should be number 1 on your list. To be effective, you need a planning tool.

2. Always use fresh, unique and interesting content.

Coming up with new content to post on your social media page can be quite challenging too. Since you have the power to choose what you post, there might be days when you run out of ideas and just post anything for the sake of posting.

But that shouldn’t be the case. Going back to the first recommendation — the very purpose of your social media planning tool would be to help you schedule posts in advance. As early as today, you should already have some material ready for next week or even the next couple of weeks.

Spend time to brainstorm with your team about the content you can post on your social media page. Fresh content is always preferred and there’s so many you can choose from — photos, videos, blog posts and more. Your captions are just as important as any content you put out there. These captions must be interesting, informative, witty and would give your audience reason to comment, like or share your post to others.

While some successful social media pages heavily rely on recycled content such as posts that already appeared elsewhere, it is most ideal to have your own fresh and unique content. If going viral is your goal, then you must be prepared with something really, really good.

3. Localize by using VPN servers.

Firstly, if you are targeting an audience in a specific location, you must do your research. For instance, your winter posts would do nothing good to your page if your target audience is in a tropical country. Be aware of the basic things about that location. It could be as simple as the weather, common interests of people, pop culture, and a whole lot more.

There may be times when you have to travel for work and so you’re posting from a different location. You may also be working as a social media marketer remotely for a company, hence not being in that particular location while you’re doing your job. Results from search engines or even the items that would appear on your feed wouldn’t be as accurate and helpful compared to those who are actually located where your audience is.

In addition, it would be challenging to view the real audience traffic if your computer or IP address is in a different location. Most likely, you would only see what is nearby. For instance, when searching on Google for the best steak restaurant, you would probably get results of those that are close to your location. Your Facebook feed would most likely be all about those that are nearby as well. If that’s the case, it would be difficult for you to find out who your audience really is and what these people are looking for.

A great solution to this is to connect to a VPN server. VPN helps you localize the content you post on social media so that you can relate with your audience more.So how exactly can VPN help you? You can change your location with VPN connection so that your IP address appears to be in the same location as your audience. This enables you to focus on your potential customers more and give you the ability to come up with even better content. Better audience engagement is certainly one of the primary goals of an effective social media marketer.