Determining A Good Revenue Model For Your Business

One of the most important parts of running and even launching a business is developing an effective revenue model that is going to be beneficial for the enterprise. Developing that revenue model seems simple but it is much more complicated than what many think. Normally, you do not think about business resources that are used to determine revenue models. Business owners just create something and think all will work well.

Revenue types do include many aspects and can be highly impacted by advertising sales, service fees, license fees, data access fees, product sales and commissions, among many others. All revenue generated can come from various sources so everything is even more complicated.

How Is The Revenue Model Structured?

This is the very first question you need to ask when you determine the proper revenue model for your business. So many things can be taken into account and will vary from business to business. What is particularly important is to determine:

  • How sales revenue is collected
  • The existence of intermediaries
  • Upsell models implemented
  • Product usage rules and fees
  • Whether or not more revenue models will be used or just one
  • Whether or not customer data is collected, together with how that is managed

How Much Will Product Creation Cost And How Much You Charge For It?

Carefully choosing sales prices for products created is a very important part of revenue model creation. You need to determine the price by selecting a revenue model as you think about competitive positioning and how much profit margin is necessary.
Traditional pricing models are very effective but they do not always work well for some businesses. For instance, with online businesses it might be more valuable to sell at a later point and first offer something for free.
Think about how much it costs to create the product and how much you need to sell it for in order to have a good enough profit for future growth and current business level management.

What Internal Resources Are Necessary?

This is one thing that few people take into account when creating their business revenue model. It is really important to keep employees motivated and you cannot do this in the event you do not pay them adequate salaries for the job done.As you determine the revenue model, seriously consider how much profit is necessary to be able to properly reward your employees. This is something that is going to help keep the talent that actually creates what you are selling. When you lose the quality employees, product quality goes down. Revenue models do not work well anymore because of the quality changes.


Before you decide prices, be sure you fully understand what the best revenue model is for your business. There is no shortage of options available at the moment. Be sure that you are patient and that the one you choose is the one that is actually going to be great. Never blindly trust a model that worked for anther business.