The Added Value of Product Packaging: Is it Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is very extensive and is not limited to an advertising campaign or the viralisation of a video. A good marketing strategy is constant, passionate and is found even in the small things. This is the case of packaging design.

Packaging is an element that we should never leave aside. Great importance should be given to the look of the packaging in which we will enclose our product. That’s why packaging design companies pay such painstaking attention to even the smallest details of packaging design.

But what is packaging?

The container that contains the product we want to consume, and if we do not have any brand in mind and take anything that captures our attention, we must bear in mind that this packaging is the first thing we see of a product. Therefore, we should not underestimate its importance, because in this competitive world any opportunity to capture the attention of a potential consumer has to be taken advantage of.

It has all happened to all of us, at one time or another; we bought something just because of the packaging. It is also common that a well-designed container fascinates us. For example, who is not familiar with the mythical bottle of Coca-Cola. This bottle is a perfect example of good packaging design. This is how it has become an icon of the brand.

Is packaging important in online marketing?

Of course. The fact that when making an online purchase what interests us most is the product does not mean that we have to dispense with a powerful container. More consumers than we think give importance to packaging in their online purchases. Especially those consumers who spend a lot of money on the product, because for that price they also expect an elaborate and even personalised packaging. If the container meets their expectations, it is most likely that they will show it to their friends and share it on their social networks, and they may (hopefully) repeat the purchase.

Keep in mind that the packaging will be the first real contact that the consumer will have with your brand if you run an online business. Therefore, the impression made by the container is crucial, so that it is a happy one, and the consumer is one hundred percent satisfied with their purchase. In fact, many users find their experience with the product not very satisfactory because of a poorly designed or implemented packaging; difficult to open, or too much packaging. Instead, when respondents consider that a package is adapted to them, and not to the product, in particular, it helps them perceive it as more valuable than it might actually be in reality.

The importance of unboxing

The idea of ​​striving to create a good packaging design is reinforced by the trend of unboxing. This practice is increasingly common in social networks, especially on YouTube. It consists of taking the product still inside its container and removing it from it to show it little by little. While it is shown, it is narrated if it is easy to unpack, how it is distributed, etc. And if the packaging is also attractive, it is possible the video focuses a few minutes on talking about it and assessing its qualities. Taking into account that it will be something that the followers of the person who is doing the unboxing will see, you will already have an added value to the final product.