Retail surprises of 2017 and how they’ll affect shopping this year

With Amazon spreading its wings into just about every retail sector, it’s not surprising that this online retailer is capturing more of our shopping spend every year. Watch out for launches into new sectors for 2018 and for Amazon to creep onto your shopping list for everything from your weekly food shop to presents to business items to clothes.

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With so many stores of all sizes closing in 2017, keep an eye out for clever companies using these retail spaces for pop up shops, partnerships with e-commerce brands looking to figure in a physical environment and experiential experiences. Consumers are looking for a blend of ease and convenience, speed of shopping for everyday purchases and personalisation. Physical retailers looking to win hearts and minds this year are turning to new ways of operating more efficiently and improving the experience of their customers when shopping.

Technology in retailing

The use of robotics and artificial intelligence, for example, are set to become the norm in 2018 for retailers looking to modernise their appeal. You may have already visited a retail outlet where the staff were happy to help share information through a hand-held mobile device, so look out for this becoming standard practice. Technology is going to play a huge part in moving the retail industry forward in 2018 as this article highlights.

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Ever checked out something you wanted to buy on your mobile? Chances are you found what you liked but were unable to buy it easily from your phone last year. Focusing on making purchases easier to complete in 2018 is set to be a focus for digital shoppers.

Creating an atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere in a retail outlet has always been a challenge for the bigger players on the high street but making a space feel welcoming is going to keep customers in-store for longer. A simple way to achieve this is to choose in store music which resonates with the company’s target shoppers so make sure you work with an expert in this field, such as to get it right first time.

Innovation, risk-taking and collaboration are going to be the watchwords for savvy retailers looking to take on the disruption that digital shopping has had on the high street and we’re hoping that the consumer will be the biggest beneficiary.