5 Things To Look For When Hiring Writers Online

One of the most vital factors when it comes to developing an online presence is written content. Generating such content requires a certain level of skill, commitment and above all, quality for it to be effective. Unfortunately, due to reasons such as limited time and lack of adequate skill, most businesses find that themselves in need of a freelance writer. Freelance writing resulted from such need and has grown into a vast industry in its own right. Even so, for quality content, one still has to choose a writer who meets certain criteria and unfortunately, there are those who are unaware of what to look for when hiring a writer. This article addresses some of the key factors of consideration in this respect.

Expertise and experience

Most people tend to look at one and overlook the other but these two skills should be concurrent. When hiring a writer online, one of the first considerations should be the writer’s expertise. Expertise determines a writer’s understanding of a particular niche, the quality of content, grasp of language, effective SEO strategies, etc. Equally necessary, is the writer’s experience in the field. The mistake most people make when considering experience is looking at the duration that the freelancer has been active. Instead, one should look at how much content the freelancer has generated in a given amount of time, and the success drawn from such content. A writer with over 1000 published articles in a year is more experienced than one with the same number of articles in two years.

Understanding of cybersecurity

Poor cybersecurity exposes you as the client, the writer and the content itself to people with malicious intent online. Factors such as identity theft, fraud, and plagiarism are key concerns that you should have. Taking adequate measures to protect yourself and your business against such cybersecurity threats involves a guarantee that the freelancer will do the same. A writer who is tech-savvy such as in the use of VPN software to protect his/her network fosters trust and confidence.

Proper client relations

A freelance online writer should make an effort to understand you and your needs as the client. This should help the writer tailor the content to meet your specific needs. Aside from that, it is proof of professionalism, competence and an understanding of the market and its needs. Polite, open and honest communication is the best way to gauge this quality in your writer. Keep in mind that your input is as important as the output you get from the writer. With this respect, you should endeavor to be courteous and professional, just as you’d expect from the freelancer.


The content writing industry is always evolving. That evolution stems from changes that affect how the content should be developed. Your ideal writer should be well-informed on the trends, strategies, tools, etc., that affect the success of the content. For instance, SEO requirements are always shifting in ways that affect content directly. Therefore, you stand to lose a lot if the writer you hire is uninformed of such serious content changes that could influence your search rankings and affect your success online.


Freelance writers should always be flexible and ready to meet your content needs. There are various places to meet such writers, including content mills. Even though such sites have their specific mode of operation, the writer should always be open to accommodating your needs outside such sites. For instance, if you are not content with messaging and need a Skype call, the writer should be ready to meet this requirement.


The value of the content is directly proportional to the quality of the writer. Finding the ideal writer is dependent on the methodology you use. Looking for such things as the writer’s expertise, experience and client relations should be an effective strategy in finding the perfect writer for your content needs.