Wiistar VGA+CVBS to SDI, One of The Best HD Projectors You Should Choose

Are you looking for the best hd projectors that could fulfill all your needs? If it is yes, then the one you must have is the Wiistar VGA+CVBS to SDI. Why should you choose this projector among many other products? Here is the answer.

The general information of Wiistar VGA+CVBS to SDI

This product does not only support the VGA signal only but also the AV signal as the input. For more specialty, it is could sustain the 2 ports of SDI signal, which supports the full HD signal as the output. The high stability as well as reliability of this product has proved well since many work place already used it for monitoring the security and many more. If you purchase this product, you will get a full set of pieces consists of 1 power adapter, 1 VGA and CVBS to SDI converter, as well as 1 manual user book in English.

The features of Wiistar VGA+CVBS to SDI

1. If you keep pressing the “MODE” button for more than 2 seconds, you will switch from the CVBS to VGA or vise versa.

2. This product supports any formats of asymmetric conversion. This reason makes this product widely used in all over the world.

3. This products is available for many resolution of CVBS input. Somme of them are the 480i, 576i, 480p as well as 576p.

4. The comparison of the input signal and the resolution input comes in the ration between 16 and 9, or 4 and 3. For example, when you use 720p@60 as the VGA input signal, then you will get 1080p@60 for the SDI resolution.

More specifications of Wiistar VGA+CVBS to SDI

1. The input port of this product consists of 1 VGA port as well as 1 AV port. On the other hand, the output port of this product consists of 2 SDI ports.

2. The transmission distance performed by this product is around 2.970Gbit per seconds on the average distance for about 80 m until 100 m.

3. The power needed by this product is less than or as big as 5W, while the voltage needed is the DC 12V per 1A.

4. This product also completed with more or less 4KV of contact discharge as well as 8KV (more or less) of air discharge as its protection.

So, what are you waiting for? Make this useful product your own. You could purchase it easily on the Tomtop.