RC Quadcopters with 3D Camera

If RC cars are no longer attractive to you, the RC Quadcopters can be your next choice. Yes, it is a very unique and cool remote control toys with a pack of fantastic features and performance that even makes it like a drone. Its drone-like design is the first thing that makes this toy stunning at first glance. And when you get to see its live performance and all high quality parts and motor under the hood, you will definitely not able to resist yourself from playing it. With easy control and high built quality, this quadcopter is perfect for both kids and adults.

Outstanding Performance

What makes VISUO XS809W a super functional RC toy is its foldable design and outstanding appearance. The foldable design is one interesting part. This way, it doesn’t take too much space to carry it inside the bag and it also minimizes any damage that may happen due to poor care. Only looking at its appearance, it is easy to tell that this RC quadcopter is actually a drone in disguise. Well, but it is even better because with drone-like performance and function, yet it has much lower price compared to actual drone. So, anytime you want to look for some unique RC toy, this certainly can be the right choice.

Camera and WiFi FPV Transmission

Its design and shape is not the only thing that makes it look like a drone. Apparently, it comes together with attached 0.3 megapixel camera completed with WiFi FPV transmission. This camera is what it takes to get superb FPV experience in real time. Thanks to its transmission that it allows you to control this quadcopter drone remotely via the both phone app and transmitter. The camera is also tiltable allowing easy adjustment for its camera angle in order to obtain many different views. There are more features with the camera just yet. It has large battery capacity supporting up to 10 minutes fight, headless mode, 3D flip, one key return function, high and low speed.

Main Features

Camera is not the only attractive thing from this RC Quadcopters drone. There are more other features including portability, unique fuselage design, outstanding appearance, high quality painting, the advanced flight control system with 6-axis to ensure super stable flight, easy control thanks to its upgraded 2.4G 4CH transmitter and many more. With its affordable price, this quadcopter definitely makes a very cool and unique toy.