JJRC H26W 2.4G Drone Real-time RC Quadcopter

The JJRC H26W is a big brushed electric motor quadcopter with the capacity of flights easily over 100 meters.

Needless to say, just from considering the quadcopter, there’s something really different about this one. It’s camera.

Most toy-class drones provide a standard 720P pinhole camera that’s either mounted to the stomach of the drone, or completely integrated into your body. The JJRC H26W is a bit different as they have a far more “professional” camera mount, and remotely versatile 3mp 720P camera that actually has a wide angle 140? zoom lens in JJRC Multirotor section.

The JJRC H26W gimbal is partially motorized, letting you move the camera both vertically and horizontally from your remote controller.

The drone is driven with a 7.4v 1200mAh power, which gives you about 6-7 minutes of air travel time per fee (while recording videos), and it is removable, and that means you can purchase extra batteries. You will need a tiny screwdriver (PH1 size) to eliminate the battery pack door cover as it’s screwed on. The plugs aren’t universal, so the using other 7.4v power packs is out of the question unless you change the plugs to a typical plug that those other power packs have. The drone has an on/off move, so you can leave the battery pack installed during storage.

With the power installed, the drone weight is almost one pound, putting it over the weight limit, which means you must have a FAA enrollment ID to take a flight this drone, and it also must be designated on the drone in a noticeable place.

The motors have temperature sinks to help keep them a little cooler, which is something hardly any Toy Drones have (if any others at all). The motors also look like Tarantula X6 motors, so it is been said on drone discussion boards that you can have the TX6 motors instead if you need to replace one that’s failed.

The transmitter is scored by the manufacturer to truly have a 300 meter range, in case which were true, it could get this to drone one of the best training video drones in the toy class drone portion for range. We only dared to go out about 200 meters (to the treeline), but still had full control as we did, so that it could be totally possible to get out to 300 meters in the right conditions. We didn’t want to soar the drone above the forest for apparent reasons.

When the drone loses indication from the controller, it returns to the bottom in whatever area it’s in. A good fail safe in case the electric batteries on the controller go useless or you have to shut the drone down in an emergency situation.

The upper remaining shoulder button will snap photographs if you click on the bottom 50 percent of the button, and video if you click on the top half. The upper right button’s underlying part one half of the button changes the rates (Novice/Intermediate/Advanced/Expert), and the top half is designed for flips.

The two control keys at the top right in front of the antenna mast may actually turn, but that does nothing. Somewhat, they’re just momentary switches. The main one on the right is headless method and one key go back. The button on the departed is not in use at this time, but will there be for when they put into action altitude carry in future produces.

Right below the remaining joystick, you’ll find the control buttons for the camera’s gimbal.

To bind the JJRC H26W to the controller, simply follow these steps:

Switch the drone on by moving the on/off move to on, and established down on the ground.

Switch the controller on (must be off when you transform the drone on)

Move the kept joystick to top of the rightmost position, then right down to the bottom rightmost position.

The controller will beep if it is binded to the JJRC H26W(JJRC Multirotor).

You also want to calibrate the Gyros by moving both joysticks down to the rightmost position, then all together move to the bottom leftmost position.

Everything we liked about the JJRC H26W:

It’s very steady, even in little breezes.

Great for aerial video anticipated to it’s steadiness.

Decent video taking, but has somewhat of jello, most seen when in movement, not really much there in hovering.

Drone Size: 45 x 45 x 18cm | 17.71″ x 17.71″ x 7″ inches

Controller requires: 4x AA battery packs (not included)

Charge Time: 60-80 minutes

Airfare Time: 6-8 minutes

Available Colors: WHITE | GREEN

Accessories: Extra Batteries | 4x Rotor Cutting blades | ALL PARTS

Price: $73-$129