The Importance of Health and Safety Training

Health & safety training should be a crucial part of any workplace, whether it is an office, a supermarket or a construction site. A construction site is an obvious candidate for health and safety with legislation, but health and safety is applicable to low-risk areas such as offices and it may not be taken as seriously. In an office, there are plenty of hazards, such as wires from various electronics or staff walking around with drinks which could come in contact with electronics or more simply become a slip hazard if spilt. This is why engaging with healthy and safety legislation and requirements is a crucial part of any organisation.

In the workplace, younger people are more at risk from hazards than their older co-workers as they have less experience in a workplace and may not notice the warning signs of a hazard. This means that organisations that employ young people need to ensure that they are not only trained in health and safety but actively engage with it. Supermarkets are an obvious workplace for young people as the requirements for working there are minimal compared to other industries. Supermarkets, however, are littered with risks, from heavy lifting to operating apparatus such as the meat slicers in the delis, which can slice open a hand easily.

A problem with health and safety is that it comes across as boring which makes a chore to do, even at work when you’re being paid to work, nobody likes to be bored but it is a requirement. This means that even management who are responsible for the health and safety of others in the workplace can sometimes switch off from it. However, health and safety is there for a reason, it tries to prevent worst-case scenarios and other hazards which could affect employees. This means that by ignoring health and safety you are ignoring the benefits it can bring to your organisation.

To begin with, training when delivered properly by companies like Phoenix Health and Safety can increase your standing with the public, clients, insurers and enforcers which can only help your organisation through lowered insurance payments or if there is an accident it makes the process of reviewing health and safety much easier which keeps the enforcer happier. Furthermore, it can reduce the accidental loss of stock or equipment and reduce staff time off because they are motivated to work in a safe and productive environment. Overall, health and safety not only reduces accidents and mishaps but if implemented properly it can reduce the cost of operating a business.