Keeping your commercial kitchen clean

Cleanliness is arguably the most important factor in any commercial kitchen, even above menu and taste, as it is the first thing that would put off potential customers. With the correct processes in place, it should not be too difficult to get it right.

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Commercial cleaners

There are lots of commercial cleaners available should you wish to outsource the work, many of whom will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you and give you a no-obligation quote.

Food hygiene standards

When you work in the food industry preparing products for human consumption, you will be only too aware of the very strict rules and legislation that surround the requirements of the conditions that must be maintained in a professional kitchen. The Food Hygiene Act and the Health & Safety Act detail every element of getting it right; however, when you are also trying to run your business, it can weigh things down.

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For more detail on all the regulations and legislation around food safety, see the Food Standards Agency website. It is the FSA’s job to protect the health of the public in this country; therefore, regulation is not intended to hinder the smooth operation of food production and the businesses involved in the industry but aims to give security to the industry and to consumers.


Maintaining the ovens in a state as close to new as possible is a challenge, but it is very important. It is also very easy to overlook, as most of it is out of sight. Keep a checklist of the regular cleaning required to keep on top of things. Keeping ovens clean reduces the fire hazard and improves efficiency.

Clean burnt-on food from ovens, fryers and cookers once cooking is finished and the appliances have cooled – this should be done at least daily. Clean extractors and canopies at least weekly, as grease and other fatty deposits will build up quickly.

Consider the products you are using. If you choose non-toxic, non-caustic cleaners, you will be able to use your equipment again immediately.

There are lots of beautiful, practical commercial ovens on the market, available from specialist retailers such as Keep them looking their best with our tips.

Also ensure that your business is fully insured. Although this is a general business consideration, it is important and should not be overlooked.