5 Key Features of Modern Office Design

Designing an office that is fit for work, attractive, and also economical in terms of what it costs to run it, can be a challenge. Making the office a productive place to work but also an inviting place to be is not easy. But the new wave of office designers is crafting better spaces out of what was once an uninspiring sector.

From layouts to ambience, there are different factors to consider that help make office design effective and conducive to creativity and teamwork. Here are some of the ways offices can be designed to enhance employee satisfaction and drive forward better work. They are the common and core details that work in all types of offices, whether they are coworking spaces, open plan offices, or traditional workplaces.

1. Common Sense Layouts

Office design should not set out to completely remake the office in such a way that common sense is lost. For example, office design works better when desks are located away from noisier areas of the business, for example the café, and equipment like printers and photocopiers are not located right next to someone’s workspace.

2. Plenty of Space

Cramming people together to reduce costs will reduce productivity, says Commercial People. Setting up plenty of space between people cuts down on distraction and also makes the office a more pleasant place to work. Space is attractive and also helps with open plan office design.

3. Free Flow Around the Office

It is a good idea to set up an office so that everyone has free and easy access to all parts of the office, and that it is easy to walk between areas. This helps enhance communication and contributes to a more open office where workers feel included and no one is segregated into a corner.

4. Air and Light

Natural light is very important for anyone, particularly someone who is spending upwards of seven hours in the same space. Windows should be located in order to let in as much natural light as possible, with the right blinds and shades in place to reduce glare. The office should be airy and there should not be any issues with cold or heat.

5. Good Use of Colour

The right colour scheme can enhance creativity, attention, and productivity. And it shows off the office in a better light. It is more positive to have a nicely painted office in a vibrant shade, with accent colours, than a drab and dreary place which does not encourage positive workflow.