Why it’s Important to Choose a Qualified Gas Fitter or Engineer for Your Property

Gas is a commodity we all use, and for good reason – the cost to benefit ratio is simply too beneficial compared to alternatives. What’s also great is that gas is perfectly safe as long as it is handled by professionals, and all necessary safety measures are installed by qualified gas fitters or engineers. The consequences of not having all the work done by professionals could be disastrous.

But why, exactly, is this so important? And how serious is the matter? As it turns out, the situation needs some careful examination. Here’s why it’s important to choose a qualified gas fitter or engineer for your property.

Some statistics to think about

To make sure you understand the implications of proper gas safety, here are some interesting facts for you:

  • Households in the UK spend about a total of £100,000,000 a year repairing things that could have been prevented – that’s about 100 million spent due to the rectification of jobs because things weren’t done properly in the first place. These expenses were totally avoidable.
  • When issues have to be repaired or rectified because an unqualified person installed the piping, appliances or made previous ‘repairs,’ it usually costs about 25% more.
  • One in five homes (20%) were found to be ‘dangerous’ due to unqualified gas fitters or engineers.
  • About one in three people hire a serviceman or servicewoman based on recommendations of family or friends, without checking the proper qualifications of that serviceperson.

Why qualifications matter

If you want the job done right, then qualifications matter. Beware of the following:

  • Unqualified workers are usually sole traders (about 57%) or work in companies that employ fewer than 4 people.
  • Many also undertake plumbing jobs, bathroom renovations, and electrical work.

Be on the lookout for these people – they may be great when it comes to simple handy-man jobs, but they may not be qualified to deal with gas fitting. Ask for credentials.

How to choose the right fitter

  • Check for the gas safety registration number and certification
  • Never go by first impressions or recommendations alone – do a background check

Let’s not forget that gas is a deadly substance if used inappropriately – and that an inadequate network of gas installations can lead to deadly consequences, as a gas engineer London from Milgas will confirm. Not only is the substance alone (the gas in and of itself) related to diseases and death, the wrong installations and the various accidents thereof have been responsible for even more material damage and fatal incidents. Do the right thing and hire the professionals – those who are properly qualified. Only then can you (and everyone else) rest with an easy mind.