The security of your technologies at a trade show

Using technologies can be a big advantage at any trade show, as long as you take the necessary precautions. At Archex, we have developed several tricks to protect the technologies we use, following our years of experience in Montreal and internationally. Here are some tips you might find useful:

Protect your information

If visitors to the trade show can freely use certain devices, it is better to ensure that they do not contain information that they should not see. Reserve these technologies at your exhibition stand and only include the essentials that are required for the presentation. Take the time to clearly show the user what he can do to prevent it from getting lost on other applications. Also, consider protecting a visitors’ information, especially by ensuring that they have disconnected from their accounts on social networks.

Transport your equipment safely

It is better to remember where you placed your technologies rather than tempt thieves by clearly indicating in which box they are hiding. Also, it is important to make sure they will not be damaged en route to the trade show. Provide a solid box and use bubble wrap to ensure that your appliances are not damaged. Be careful not to forget the chargers and adapters!

Prevent flights

If you allow people to use the devices freely or without your supervision, it is worth the cost of arranging them so that they are fixed, and so visitors cannot leave with your equipment as soon as you have your back turned. Otherwise, you can always stay close to a person who uses the device and keep it in your hands the rest of the time. It is also important to protect the chargers and adapters at your display kiosk while these accessories can be quite popular. Also, do not forget to tidy up your technologies at the end of the trade show day to prevent theft when you are not there.

So, Archex encourages you to use technologies, but wants to make sure that you do it the right way. If you are ready to prepare for your trade show, you can visit to learn more about services that are available to you. Your business is worth the cost, it only remains to let the visitors the chance to know it.