Unique Ways to Promote Your Event

Trying to promote your upcoming event, but hitting the wall in terms of creative promotional ideas? If so, there are a number of strategies that you can employ that will aid in your efforts.

In the paragraphs below, we will share our favorites…

1) Set up teardrop banners

On the day of your event, be sure to set up some brilliantly designed teardrop banners outside of where it is taking place.

These eye-catching signs attract attention due to their unusual shape, and when a stiff wind is blowing, they flap in the breeze, drawing further notice from those passing by.

By setting up multiple banners in a row that are designed with a series of dazzling colors, you will bring tons of walk up interest to your event.

2) Offer free tickets in exchange for social media mentions

Nothing builds buzz quite like free. Although you want paying customers in order to make your event a success, getting tickets into the hands of those willing to spread the word to their social media followers often proves to be a worthwhile trade.

Once they see what is involved, they will generally be more than happy to communicate its existence to the world.

Make a special effort to recruit local influencers in this effort, and you’ll see a return on time investment that will yield you plenty of attention.

3) Negotiate a corporate sponsorship deal

If you really want to get some serious promotional muscle behind your event, enter into discussions with relevant corporate partners at the local level.

If you’re just starting out, you will be seriously short of two specific types of currency: money and clout.

Established local businesses often have both of these in spades, and if they agree with your mission, chances are they will be willing to hammer out a deal where they will use their influence to give your event a tremendous boost.

Be sure to approach local media outlets in this endeavor as well, as they will have the ability to communicate information about your event to a very wide audience.

4) Print up t-shirts with your event on them

All the major fast fashion brands have used this technique to great effect over the years, as they realized that t-shirts could be used as walking billboards.

You can make use of this same principle by having partners in your event don shirts bearing information about it in the days leading up to it.

When curious people approach, the wearers can divulge further information and hand them a flyer that will relay everything they will need to know.