6 Difficulties With SAAS Application Testing

SaaS (Software as a Service) has become increasingly popular in the current climate thanks to its many benefits to businesses. However, as with most services, it does equally offer a few pitfalls that you should be aware of. Here are six of the main challenges involved with SaaS application testing.

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1. Security and Privacy Testing

Since SaaS by nature involves third party providers hosting the application, data and privacy has to be kept very secure. However, SaaS applications need to be tested for accessibility by simulating users with varying privileges, which is no mean feat. The security testing methods usually involve testing cookies among other things.

2. Presssure from Timeframes and Frequent Releases

Working under pressure is tough, and with SaaS application providers releasing frequent upgrades this means that ensuring the app is running successfully and securely in the given timeframe is a huge task. Though a period of one to two weeks is usually given to QA teams to check for validity and security, live upgrades can affect the work of existing users and be detrimental to the testing process.

3. Performance Testing

As you would imagine, the most used parts of the applications under assessment need the most attention when testing for performance. In order to complete this phase, users from different countries and locations are used to simulate a real-life scenario. BugFinders (https://www.bugfinders.com) aims to ease the testing process by providing a fast crowdsourced software testing service that incorporates professional testers based in hundreds of countries and using a variety of technological devices.

4. Integration and Migration

Integrating data with other applications can cause a headache since both incoming and outgoing data needs to be addressed. All the while, testers must ensure that security and privacy measures don’t falter (they’re not being asked for much!).

5. Licensing

The licensing of SaaS applications should be tested taking into account the app’s usage, functionality and number of concurrent users. Pragmatic Marketing covers the economics of software licensing in a useful article related to SaaS apps.

6. Knowledge of the Client’s Business

It is no good having just anyone test a SaaS application, it needs to be tested with business functionalities and workflows in mind. Finding such testers with the required business knowledge isn’t easy but they are out there!